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Lana Del Rey - Ride [Barretso Remix]

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This song has suddenly started to resonate with me - it’s a very literal account of not only what I’ve been up to lately, but what my next film is about. So here’s a hint at my process! Excited to announce that a new film is already in production! 

But seriously, everyone should still go see “We Have a Fine Home”. 

Tumblr followers! I know it’s been so long since this blog as been active that you all likely forget who I am. BUT you should all follow artist/filmmaker Joseph Hennessy’s tumblr at! He’s slowly starting to post cool stuff and cooler stuff is on the way in the form of news about upcoming events, updates on his artistic process and other cool random shares about art, music, film and the world around us! 

C’mon he’s posting Neko Case songs, so he must be cool! 

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We Have a Fine Home (2012) [Trailer] from Joseph Hennessy on Vimeo.


My latest film, “We Have A Fine Home”, was completed back in May and screened at the 2012 SMFA Graduating Students Show. Finally, it’s hitting the web in trailer form! Yes, apparently short films have trailers too. Enjoy this taste of the film and check back for more info on upcoming screenings and events and where you can see the whole film! 

Hey! All of my followers should follow because that guy is a really awesome artist and I’m very confident that he’ll be posting super cool stuff soon! 

…yeah I know I never tumblr anymore. But still. Listen to me. 

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"We Have A Fine Home" will be screening at the Take Two Film Festival in New York City in November! Check back for more details. But in the mean time, check out the festival’s website

It’s a lot of cool people’s birthdays today. But it’s also Chrissie Hynde’s birthday. Yes. Chrissie Hynde. The vegan god of coolness. So watch this video. And fucking enjoy it. 

Oh. yeah. btw. I’m back.

It’s raining. And it’s after midnight. That means I play Zuma. There’s a system to my listening. It’s very complicated but it works. 


Scully Smiles: season 2

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